Kode Gyldig enhetskoder Norsk oversettelse
05 lift  
06 small spray  
08 heat lot  
10 group Gruppe
11 outfit  
13 ration  
14 shot  
15 stick, military  
16 hundred fifteen kg drum  
17 hundred lb drum  
18 fiftyfive gallon (US) drum  
19 tank truck  
20 twenty foot container  
21 forty foot container  
22 decilitre per gram  
23 gram per cubic centimetre Gram Per Kubikkcentimeter
24 theoretical pound  
25 gram per square centimetre  
26 actual ton  
27 theoretical ton  
28 kilogram per square metre Kilogram Per Kvadratmeter
29 pound per thousand square foot  
30 horse power day per air dry metric ton  
31 catch weight  
32 kilogram per air dry metric ton  
33 kilopascal square metre per gram  
34 kilopascal per millimetre  
35 millilitre per square centimetre second  
36 cubic foot per minute per square foot  
37 ounce per square foot  
38 ounce per square foot per 0,01inch  
40 millilitre per second  
41 millilitre per minute  
43 super bulk bag  
44 fivehundred kg bulk bag  
45 threehundred kg bulk bag  
46 fifty lb bulk bag  
47 fifty lb bag  
48 bulk car load  
53 theoretical kilogram  
54 theoretical tonne  
56 sitas  
57 mesh  
58 net kilogram  
59 part per million  
60 percent weight  
61 part per billion (US)  
62 percent per 1000 hour  
63 failure rate in time  
64 pound per square inch, gauge  
66 oersted  
69 test specific scale  
71 volt ampere per pound  
72 watt per pound  
73 ampere tum per centimetre  
74 millipascal  
76 gauss  
77 milli-inch  
78 kilogauss  
80 pound per square inch absolute  
81 henry Henry
84 kilopound-force per square inch  
85 foot pound-force  
87 pound per cubic foot  
89 poise  
90 Saybold universal second  
91 stokes  
92 calorie per cubic centimetre  
93 calorie per gram  
94 curl unit  
95 twenty thousand gallon (US) tankcar  
96 ten thousand gallon (US) tankcar  
97 ten kg drum  
98 fifteen kg drum  
1A car mile  
1B car count  
1C locomotive count  
1D caboose count  
1E empty car  
1F train mile  
1G fuel usage gallon (US)  
1H caboose mile  
1I fixed rate  
1J ton mile  
1K locomotive mile  
1L total car count  
1M total car mile  
1X quarter mile  
2A radian per second  
2B radian per second squared  
2C roentgen  
2G volt AC  
2H volt DC  
2I British thermal unit (international table) per hour  
2J cubic centimetre per second Kubikkcentimeter Per Sekund
2K cubic foot per hour  
2L cubic foot per minute  
2M centimetre per second  
2N decibel Desibel
2P kilobyte Kilobyte
2Q kilobecquerel  
2R kilocurie  
2U megagram  
2V megagram per hour  
2W bin  
2X metre per minute  
2Y milliroentgen  
2Z millivolt Millivolt
3B megajoule Megajoule
3C manmonth  
3E pound per pound of product  
3G pound per piece of product  
3H kilogram per kilogram of product  
3I kilogram per piece of product  
4A bobbin  
4B cap  
4C centistokes  
4E twenty pack  
4G microlitre  
4H micrometre (micron)  
4K milliampere  
4L megabyte Megabyte
4M milligram per hour  
4N megabecquerel  
4O microfarad  
4P newton per metre  
4Q ounce inch  
4R ounce foot  
4T picofarad  
4U pound per hour  
4W ton (US) per hour  
4X kilolitre per hour  
5A barrel (US) per minute  
5B batch Batch
5C gallon(US) per thousand  
5E MMSCF/day  
5F pound per thousand  
5G pump  
5H stage  
5I standard cubic foot  
5J hydraulic horse power  
5K count per minute  
5P seismic level  
5Q seismic line  
A1 15 °C calorie  
A10 ampere square metre per joule second  
A11 angstrom  
A12 astronomical unit  
A13 attojoule  
A14 barn  
A15 barn per electronvolt  
A16 barn per steradian electronvolt  
A17 barn per steradian  
A18 becquerel per kilogram  
A19 becquerel per cubic metre  
A2 ampere per centimetre  
A20 British thermal unit (international table) per second square foot degree Rankine  
A21 British thermal unit (international table) per pound degree Rankine  
A22 British thermal unit (international table) per second foot degree Rankine  
A23 British thermal unit (international table) per hour square foot degree Rankine  
A24 candela per square metre  
A25 cheval vapeur  
A26 coulomb metre  
A27 coulomb metre squared per volt  
A28 coulomb per cubic centimetre  
A29 coulomb per cubic metre  
A3 ampere per millimetre  
A30 coulomb per cubic millimetre  
A31 coulomb per kilogram second  
A32 coulomb per mole  
A33 coulomb per square centimetre  
A34 coulomb per square metre  
A35 coulomb per square millimetre  
A36 cubic centimetre per mole  
A37 cubic decimetre per mole  
A38 cubic metre per coulomb  
A39 cubic metre per kilogram  
A4 ampere per square centimetre  
A40 cubic metre per mole  
A41 ampere per square metre  
A42 curie per kilogram  
A43 deadweight tonnage  
A44 decalitre  
A45 decametre  
A47 decitex  
A48 degree Rankine  
A49 denier  
A5 ampere square metre  
A50 dyne second per cubic centimetre  
A51 dyne second per centimetre  
A52 dyne second per centimetre to the fifth power  
A53 electronvolt  
A54 electronvolt per metre  
A55 electronvolt square metre  
A56 electronvolt square metre per kilogram  
A57 erg  
A58 erg per centimetre  
A59 8-part cloud cover  
A6 ampere per square metre kelvin squared  
A60 erg per cubic centimetre  
A61 erg per gram  
A62 erg per gram second  
A63 erg per second  
A64 erg per second square centimetre  
A65 erg per square centimetre second  
A66 erg square centimetre  
A67 erg square centimetre per gram  
A68 exajoule  
A69 farad per metre  
A7 ampere per square millimetre  
A70 femtojoule  
A71 femtometre  
A73 foot per second squared  
A74 foot pound-force per second  
A75 freight ton  
A76 gal  
A77 Gaussian CGS unit of displacement  
A78 Gaussian CGS unit of electric current  
A79 Gaussian CGS unit of electric charge  
A8 ampere second  
A80 Gaussian CGS unit of electric field strength  
A81 Gaussian CGS unit of electric polarization  
A82 Gaussian CGS unit of electric potential  
A83 Gaussian CGS unit of magnetization  
A84 gigacoulomb per cubic metre  
A85 gigaelectronvolt  
A86 gigahertz  
A87 gigaohm  
A88 gigaohm metre  
A89 gigapascal  
A9 rate Rate
A90 gigawatt  
A91 gon  
A93 gram per cubic metre  
A94 gram per mole  
A95 gray  
A96 gray per second  
A97 hectopascal  
A98 henry per metre  
A99 bit  
AA ball  
AB bulk pack  
ACR acre  
ACT activity  
AD byte Byte
AE ampere per metre  
AH additional minute  
AI average minute per call  
AJ cop  
AK fathom  
AL access line  
AM ampoule  
AMH ampere hour  
AMP ampere Ampere
ANN year År
AP aluminium pound only  
APZ troy ounce or apothecary ounce  
AQ anti-hemophilic factor (AHF) unit  
AR suppository  
ARE are  
AS assortment Sortiment
ASM alcoholic strength by mass  
ASU alcoholic strength by volume  
ATM standard atmosphere  
ATT technical atmosphere  
AV capsule Kapsel
AW powder filled vial  
AY assembly  
AZ British thermal unit (international table) per pound  
B0 Btu per cubic foot  
B1 barrel (US) per day  
B10 bit per second  
B11 joule per kilogram kelvin Joule Per Kilogram Kelvin
B12 joule per metre  
B13 joule per square metre  
B14 joule per metre to the fourth power  
B15 joule per mole  
B16 joule per mole kelvin  
B17 credit  
B18 joule second  
B19 digit Siffer
B2 bunk  
B20 joule square metre per kilogram  
B21 kelvin per watt  
B22 kiloampere  
B23 kiloampere per square metre  
B24 kiloampere per metre  
B25 kilobecquerel per kilogram  
B26 kilocoulomb  
B27 kilocoulomb per cubic metre  
B28 kilocoulomb per square metre  
B29 kiloelectronvolt  
B3 batting pound  
B30 gibibit  
B31 kilogram metre per second  
B32 kilogram metre squared  
B33 kilogram metre squared per second  
B34 kilogram per cubic decimetre  
B35 kilogram per litre  
B36 calorie (thermochemical) per gram  
B37 kilogram-force  
B38 kilogram-force metre  
B39 kilogram-force metre per second  
B4 barrel, imperial  
B40 kilogram-force per square metre  
B41 kilojoule per kelvin  
B42 kilojoule per kilogram  
B43 kilojoule per kilogram kelvin  
B44 kilojoule per mole  
B45 kilomole  
B46 kilomole per cubic metre  
B47 kilonewton  
B48 kilonewton metre  
B49 kiloohm  
B5 billet  
B50 kiloohm metre  
B51 kilopond  
B52 kilosecond  
B53 kilosiemens  
B54 kilosiemens per metre  
B55 kilovolt per metre  
B56 kiloweber per metre  
B57 light year  
B58 litre per mole  
B59 lumen hour  
B6 bun  
B60 lumen per square metre  
B61 lumen per watt  
B62 lumen second  
B63 lux hour  
B64 lux second  
B65 maxwell  
B66 megaampere per square metre  
B67 megabecquerel per kilogram  
B68 gigabit  
B69 megacoulomb per cubic metre  
B7 cycle  
B70 megacoulomb per square metre  
B71 megaelectronvolt  
B72 megagram per cubic metre  
B73 meganewton Meganewton
B74 meganewton metre  
B75 megaohm Megaohm
B76 megaohm metre  
B77 megasiemens per metre  
B78 megavolt Megavolt
B79 megavolt per metre  
B8 joule per cubic metre  
B80 gigabit per second  
B81 reciprocal metre squared reciprocal second  
B82 inch per linear foot  
B83 metre to the fourth power  
B84 microampere  
B85 microbar  
B86 microcoulomb  
B87 microcoulomb per cubic metre  
B88 microcoulomb per square metre  
B89 microfarad per metre  
B9 batt  
B90 microhenry  
B91 microhenry per metre  
B92 micronewton  
B93 micronewton metre  
B94 microohm  
B95 microohm metre  
B96 micropascal  
B97 microradian  
B98 microsecond  
B99 microsiemens  
BAR bar [unit of pressure]  
BB base box  
BD board Brett
BE bundle Bunt
BFT board foot  
BG bag Pose
BH brush  
BHP brake horse power  
BIL billion (EUR)  
BJ bucket Bøtte
BK basket Kurv
BL bale Balle
BLD dry barrel (US)  
BLL barrel (US) Fat
BO bottle Flaske
BP hundred board foot  
BQL becquerel  
BR bar [unit of packaging]  
BT bolt Bolt
BTU British thermal unit (international table)  
BUA bushel (US)  
BUI bushel (UK)  
BW base weight  
BX box Eske
BZ million BTUs  
C0 call  
C1 composite product pound (total weight)  
C10 millifarad  
C11 milligal  
C12 milligram per metre  
C13 milligray  
C14 millihenry  
C15 millijoule  
C16 millimetre per second  
C17 millimetre squared per second  
C18 millimole  
C19 mole per kilogram  
C2 carset  
C20 millinewton  
C21 kibibit  
C22 millinewton per metre  
C23 milliohm metre  
C24 millipascal second  
C25 milliradian  
C26 millisecond  
C27 millisiemens  
C28 millisievert  
C29 millitesla  
C3 microvolt per metre  
C30 millivolt per metre  
C31 milliwatt  
C32 milliwatt per square metre  
C33 milliweber  
C34 mole  
C35 mole per cubic decimetre  
C36 mole per cubic metre  
C37 kilobit  
C38 mole per litre  
C39 nanoampere  
C4 carload  
C40 nanocoulomb  
C41 nanofarad  
C42 nanofarad per metre  
C43 nanohenry  
C44 nanohenry per metre  
C45 nanometre  
C46 nanoohm metre  
C47 nanosecond  
C48 nanotesla  
C49 nanowatt  
C5 cost  
C50 neper Neper
C51 neper per second  
C52 picometre  
C53 newton metre second  
C54 newton metre squared kilogram squared  
C55 newton per square metre  
C56 newton per square millimetre  
C57 newton second  
C58 newton second per metre  
C59 octave  
C6 cell  
C60 ohm centimetre  
C61 ohm metre  
C62 one En
C63 parsec  
C64 pascal per kelvin  
C65 pascal second  
C66 pascal second per cubic metre  
C67 pascal second per metre  
C68 petajoule  
C69 phon  
C7 centipoise  
C70 picoampere  
C71 picocoulomb  
C72 picofarad per metre  
C73 picohenry  
C74 kilobit per second  
C75 picowatt  
C76 picowatt per square metre  
C77 pound gage  
C78 pound-force  
C79 kilovolt ampere hour  
C8 millicoulomb per kilogram  
C80 rad  
C81 radian  
C82 radian square metre per mole  
C83 radian square metre per kilogram  
C84 radian per metre  
C85 reciprocal angstrom  
C86 reciprocal cubic metre  
C87 reciprocal cubic metre per second  
C88 reciprocal electron volt per cubic metre  
C89 reciprocal henry  
C9 coil group  
C90 reciprocal joule per cubic metre  
C91 reciprocal kelvin or kelvin to the power minus one  
C92 reciprocal metre  
C93 reciprocal square metre  
C94 reciprocal minute  
C95 reciprocal mole  
C96 reciprocal pascal or pascal to the power minus one  
C97 reciprocal second  
C98 reciprocal second per cubic metre  
C99 reciprocal second per metre squared  
CA can Kanne
CCT carrying capacity in metric ton  
CDL candela Candela
CEL degree Celsius Celsius
CEN hundred Hundre
CG card Kort
CGM centigram  
CH container  
CJ cone  
CK connector  
CKG coulomb per kilogram  
CL coil Kveil
CLF hundred leave  
CLT centilitre Centiliter
CMK square centimetre Kvadratcentimeter
CMQ cubic centimetre Kubikkcentimeter
CMT centimetre Centimeter
CNP hundred pack  
CNT cental (UK)  
CO carboy  
COU coulomb  
CQ cartridge Innsats
CR crate  
CS case Kasse
CT carton Kartong
CTG content gram  
CTM metric carat  
CTN content ton (metric)  
CU cup  
CUR curie  
CV cover  
CWA hundred pound (cwt) / hundred weight (US)  
CWI hundred weight (UK)  
CY cylinder  
CZ combo  
D03 kilowatt hour per hour  
D04 lot  [unit of weight]  
D1 reciprocal second per steradian  
D10 siemens per metre  
D11 mebibit  
D12 siemens square metre per mole  
D13 sievert  
D14 thousand linear yard  
D15 sone  
D16 square centimetre per erg  
D17 square centimetre per steradian erg  
D18 metre kelvin  
D19 square metre kelvin per watt  
D2 reciprocal second per steradian metre squared  
D20 square metre per joule  
D21 square metre per kilogram  
D22 square metre per mole  
D23 pen gram (protein)  
D24 square metre per steradian  
D25 square metre per steradian joule  
D26 square metre per volt second  
D27 steradian  
D28 syphon  
D29 terahertz  
D30 terajoule  
D31 terawatt  
D32 terawatt hour  
D33 tesla Tesla
D34 tex  
D35 calorie (thermochemical)  
D36 megabit  
D37 calorie (thermochemical) per gram kelvin  
D38 calorie (thermochemical) per second centimetre kelvin  
D39 calorie (thermochemical) per second square centimetre kelvin  
D40 thousand litre  
D41 tonne per cubic metre  
D42 tropical year  
D43 unified atomic mass unit  
D44 var  
D45 volt squared per kelvin squared  
D46 volt - ampere  
D47 volt per centimetre  
D48 volt per kelvin  
D49 millivolt per kelvin  
D5 kilogram per square centimetre  
D50 volt per metre  
D51 volt per millimetre  
D52 watt per kelvin  
D53 watt per metre kelvin  
D54 watt per square metre  
D55 watt per square metre kelvin  
D56 watt per square metre kelvin to the fourth power  
D57 watt per steradian  
D58 watt per steradian square metre  
D59 weber per metre  
D6 roentgen per second  
D60 weber per millimetre  
D61 minute [unit of angle]  
D62 second [unit of angle]  
D63 book  
D64 block Blokk
D65 round  
D66 cassette Kassett
D67 dollar per hour  
D68 number of words  
D69 inch to the fourth power  
D7 sandwich  
D70 International Table (IT) calorie  
D71 International Table (IT) calorie per second centimetre kelvin  
D72 International Table (IT) calorie per second square centimetre kelvin  
D73 joule square metre  
D74 kilogram per mole  
D75 calorie (international table) per gram  
D76 calorie (international table) per gram kelvin  
D77 megacoulomb  
D78 megajoule per second  
D79 beam  
D8 draize score  
D80 microwatt  
D81 microtesla  
D82 microvolt  
D83 millinewton metre  
D85 microwatt per square metre  
D86 millicoulomb  
D87 millimole per kilogram  
D88 millicoulomb per cubic metre  
D89 millicoulomb per square metre  
D9 dyne per square centimetre  
D90 cubic metre (net)  
D91 rem  
D92 band  
D93 second per cubic metre  
D94 second per cubic metre radian  
D95 joule per gram  
D96 pound gross  
D97 pallet/unit load  
D98 mass pound  
D99 sleeve  
DAA decare  
DAD ten day  
DAY day Dag
DB dry pound  
DC disk (disc) Skive
DD degree [unit of angle]  
DE deal  
DEC decade Dekar
DG decigram  
DI dispenser  
DJ decagram  
DLT decilitre Deciliter
DMA cubic decametre  
DMK square decimetre  
DMO standard kilolitre  
DMQ cubic decimetre Kubikkdesimeter
DMT decimetre Desimeter
DN decinewton metre  
DPC dozen piece  
DPR dozen pair  
DPT displacement tonnage  
DQ data record  
DR drum Trommel
DRA dram (US)  
DRI dram (UK)  
DRL dozen roll  
DRM drachm (UK)  
DS display  
DT dry ton  
DTN decitonne  
DU dyne  
DWT pennyweight  
DX dyne per centimetre  
DY directory book  
DZN dozen Dusin
DZP dozen pack  
E01 newton per square centimetre  
E07 megawatt hour per hour  
E08 megawatt per hertz  
E09 milliampere hour  
E10 degree day  
E11 gigacalorie  
E12 mille  
E14 kilocalorie (international table)  
E15 kilocalorie (thermochemical) per hour  
E16 million Btu(IT) per hour  
E17 cubic foot per second  
E18 tonne per hour  
E19 ping  
E2 belt  
E20 megabit per second  
E21 shares  
E22 TEU  
E23 tyre  
E25 active unit  
E27 dose Dose
E28 air dry ton  
E3 trailer  
E30 strand  
E31 square metre per litre  
E32 litre per hour  
E33 foot per thousand  
E34 gigabyte Gigabyte
E35 terabyte Terabyte
E36 petabyte Petabyte
E37 pixel Piksel
E38 megapixel Megapiksel
E39 dots per inch  
E4 gross kilogram  
E40 part per hundred thousand  
E41 kilogram-force per square millimetre  
E42 kilogram-force per square centimetre  
E43 joule per square centimetre  
E44 kilogram-force metre per square centimetre  
E45 milliohm  
E46 kilowatt hour per cubic metre  
E47 kilowatt hour per kelvin  
E48 service unit  
E49 working day Arbeidsdag
E5 metric long ton  
E50 accounting unit  
E51 job  
E52 run foot  
E53 test  
E54 trip  
E55 use  
E56 well  
E57 zone  
E58 exabit per second  
E59 exbibyte  
E60 pebibyte  
E61 tebibyte  
E62 gibibyte  
E63 mebibyte  
E64 kibibyte  
E65 exbibit per metre  
E66 exbibit per square metre  
E67 exbibit per cubic metre  
E68 gigabyte per second  
E69 gibibit per metre  
E70 gibibit per square metre  
E71 gibibit per cubic metre  
E72 kibibit per metre  
E73 kibibit per square metre  
E74 kibibit per cubic metre  
E75 mebibit per metre  
E76 mebibit per square metre  
E77 mebibit per cubic metre  
E78 petabit  
E79 petabit per second  
E80 pebibit per metre  
E81 pebibit per square metre  
E82 pebibit per cubic metre  
E83 terabit  
E84 terabit per second  
E85 tebibit per metre  
E86 tebibit per cubic metre  
E87 tebibit per square metre  
E88 bit per metre  
E89 bit per square metre  
E90 reciprocal centimetre  
E91 reciprocal day  
E92 cubic decimetre per hour  
E93 kilogram per hour  
E94 kilomole per second  
E95 mole per second  
E96 degree per second  
E97 millimetre per degree Celcius metre  
E98 degree celsius per kelvin  
E99 hektopascal per bar  
EA each Stykk
EB electronic mail box  
EC each per month  
EP eleven pack  
EQ equivalent gallon  
EV envelope Konvolutt
F01 bit per cubic metre  
F02 kelvin per kelvin  
F03 kilopascal per bar  
F04 millibar per bar  
F05 megapascal per bar  
F06 poise per bar  
F07 pascal per bar  
F08 milliampere per inch  
F1 thousand cubic foot per day  
F10 kelvin per hour  
F11 kelvin per minute  
F12 kelvin per second